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Innovative Piezoelectric Products

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Braking Systems

Innovative braking systems that are:

  • Safer

  • Lighter Weight

  • High Performance

  • Reliable

  • Anti-Skid

  • Anti-Slide

  • Balanced

  • Ease of Brake Pad Replacement

  • No Brake Drag

  • High Accuracy

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Total Control

Experienced Team

Over 75 years of Engineering & Automotive Experience

Intellectual Property

Design and Control IP that can exceed your application needs


Our IP has either been patented or has patents pending

Testing, Testing, & more Testing

Accurate Braking Actuation Systems and Controls

Why Angstrom Piezoelectric Company

More Applications

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Heavy Truck

Let's Discuss 
Your Next Actuation,
Engineering, or
Braking Project

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discuss your design and application needs

Service Areas:

Automotive, Aerospace, ATV, Heavy Truck, and More

Dallas |  Detroit

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